GA : Jom Menang Barangan Lazada Bernilai RM20 by S.K.

August 11, 2017

So hi ! It is the second giveaway held by S.K , you can click the banner to directly go to the blog ! 

Girls hobby basically is shopping or simply said window shopping ,like siapa je tak suka shopping kan , so lately ive been looking into a bomber jacket but i couldnt find under rm20 one so i choose this. Addition payment will be pay by me soon if ada XD 

this coat is so cool so let me own her please 

phew i took a longer time to chose than i thought --' (click gambar terus ke website)

So I dah follow every single step in the guideline and here's my account 

Twitter : @chulalalalau
Instagram : @asmafiqah

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