Mek Zumbie 2k18 Giveaway

by - January 26, 2018

So hello ! I'm back in the middle of my final examination , bored during this gap day and here's me . I found this banner from a blog and I found it was soooooo great to join a giveaway after such a long time . So here it is with a few simple regulations . Be a follower of Mek Zumbie's Blog and make a new post for the giveaway and you are just one step away from the prizes!

click the banner to directly go to the organizer's website

I've gone through the prizes page and watch catch my sight first is this NIKE Sport Pouch: ASP001 (preloved) since Im such a nike freak of their stuffs . wether it is original or copy ori , i'd love to own them . there's no differ. 

click picture to go to the site

this is my email for any inquiries :

Thank You Mek Zumbie for this opportunity and I wish the best luck for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Grab chances in this giveaway for worthy prizes ! XD Goodluck .

*i still had my last paper before going back to Kelantan. 

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hope to hear from you!